Fall in the Adirondacks

fall in the adirondacksThoughts on writing and keeping a steady beat:

I recently spent an extended weekend in the area around Long Lake. It seems fitting that my first blog about writing and writing with children should be about the Adirondacks. Cell phone signals fade as you journey along the highway heading north. I like when my husband, Dennis, is driving because I get to watch the landscape change and I get to peek at the wildlife. They don’t seem to care that we are passing by. It is their territory and they have work to be done –– like the coyote I saw stalking through the tall grass alone the Northway. I felt admiration for her keen sense of sight and smell and respect for the balance of nature unfolding. I did not find myself cheering for either her success or failure. I just observed and wondered.

Dennis and I began our married life together backpacking along a remote wooded lake in the Adirondacks. We discovered love & black flies, cooked over an open fire, and fought our way to shore in a canoe during a sudden mountain storm. A writer friend once said he believes every couple who plans to live their lives together should experience a canoe trip together. Not a bad thought. Life would and has brought us many joys and a few tough challenges, but paddling together down a white-water Adirondack lake at the height of a storm sure taught us everything we needed to know about working as a team and respecting each other’s strengths and wisdom. Not to mention, living with fear and doing something about it.

Today I begin another journey. I am officially a blogger following the steady beat of my heart. As I listen to the stories that surround me, I let the creative twists and turns lead me up the mountain-pass toward home. Revision is a necessity. I’ll write the stories that are mine to tell and I’ll blog a letter along the way.

Keep a steady beat,